Are You a Locavore?
A locavore is someone who exclusively or primarily eats foods that are produced locally or regionally, sometimes within a specific radius of their home (commonly within either 100 or 250 miles). Locavores shun foods that were transported thousands of miles and refrigerated for days or weeks before being placed on supermarket shelves in favor of fresher, locally grown items that are tastier and nutritionally superior.

In addition to preferring the nutritional benefits of locally produced foods, some people choose to become locavores because they want to support local farmers and economy. Others want to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. Transporting freshly-picked ripe tomatoes 100 miles, for example, does not produce as much CO2 as transporting unripe tomatoes thousands of miles and refrigerating them for weeks. By buying foods grown and raised closer to where you live, you can help maintain farm land and green space in your area.

Phelps Farmers Market - Great for Locavores
Seasonal fruits and vegetables, multi-colored farm-fresh eggs, artisanal Greek yogurt . . . these are just some of the items you'll find at the Phelps Farmers Market at the Park. The market also carries free-range chickens, organic pork chops, sheep's milk and cheeses.

There is also a stream of rotating vendors who visit when their schedule permits. Among them are the old-fashioned Penny Lick ice cream cart, dishing out custard-style ice cream made with local ingredients like mint and strawberry; Clean Ridge Soaps, offering aromatic soaps and lotions made with local herbs and flowers; and the Bronx Baking Co., with their bacon-wrapped pretzels and pretzel “baguettes.”

Interesting lunch items are available every week, from jerk-chicken burritos to chickpea and kale salad to Alsatian pizza. You can also try brownies of traditional and unique flavors, like the Champagne brownie and the Chatham Brewery brownie made with local stout beer. The Phelps Farmers Market will continue every Thursday from 11 am - 3 pm through November at the entrance to the Rockwood Hall area of Rockefeller State Park at the end of Route 117.

So, come visit the market, and be a locavore! For information, call 914-366-3937.