This Rye Author is Spotlighting Female Technologists and Entrepreneurs

Heather Cabot profiles female STEM entrepreneurs while inspiring a potential TV show.


Yahoo!’s Marisa Meyer and former HP chief Carly Fiorina have become household names, yet women are still far from dominant in the tech world. Rye-based journalist, investor, and author Heather Cabot is hoping to see that change. In her new book, Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech, Cabot and coauthor Samantha Walravens shine a spotlight on “the sisterhood of women technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and educators who are working together but still under the radar.”

The book introduces readers to break-the-mold entrepreneurial women — like Debbie Sterling, CEO of interactive-toy company Goldie Blox; Kathryn Finney, founder of digitalundivided; and YouTube pioneer Michelle Phan, among others — who are breaking through what Cabot calls “the pervasive bro culture” to find success in the startup world. “The book takes a mainstream audience to the front lines of the grassroots activity that is helping to close the gender gap in tech,” Cabot explains.

Geek Girl Rising has also inspired TV host Kelly Ripa, who is using the book as a launchpad for a fictional TV show. “Kelly is very much about women’s empowerment, so we’re delighted by her interest in our work,” shares Cabot.

But with two tech-obsessed daughters of her own, Cabot’s biggest goal is that the book motivates the next generation of women to join the digital revolution. “Our goal is to reach an audience who are consumers of technology but don’t think of themselves as potential builders of technology. Our message is that there’s a role for you here,” she says.



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