Barging In

Plans to anchor more barges in Westchester meets with massive resistance


Hey, Hudson River fans, don’t look now, but if you like your current view of America’s loveliest river, you may have a problem on the horizon. Thanks to a suggestion by the Maritime Association of the Port of New York and New Jersey, and barge-industry advocacy group the American Waterways Operators, the US Coast Guard is contemplating adding 40 new berths for barges up to 600 feet long between Yonkers and Kingston—16 of which would be in Yonkers, Hastings, and Dobbs Ferry.

Yonkers mayor Mike Spano—who’s said the proposal is being driven by financial motives on the part of the maritime lobby—and 10 other Rivertown elected officials have formed a coalition, called Hudson River Water Alliance, to block the move. Business Council of Westchester president/CEO Dr. Marsha Gordon has also been vocal about the proposal, calling it a “slap in the face” to communities that have worked to enhance Westchester’s waterfronts.

The Hudson River Water Alliance has set up a social-media advocacy campaign called “Ban the Barges,” where citizens may sign an online petition in opposition to the move.




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