Produce Done Right At Amba Farms

Located in Bedford Hills, this farm will ensure you never drive upstate again in search of top-quality produce.


Amba Farms, located in Bedford Hills, is proof you don’t have to drive upstate to find top-quality produce. Founded by Liz Taggart in 2010, this bucolic privately owned, four-and-a-half-acre farm feels like it should be tucked away in a rural outpost of our state, not mere minutes from downtown Mount Kisco. 

For Taggart, who grew up on a farm in Ohio, farming runs in the family. After living in North Carolina for five years, she built her house on the Bedford Hills property while running Hollis Taggart, a successful New York City art gallery she started with her husband at the time. 

Amba Farms is managed by husband-and-wife team Christine and David Phillips, Taggart’s friends from North Carolina. The farm practices companion planting, crop rotation, and frequent soil analysis, which ensures the healthiest crops possible. Amba Farms has everything from apples and peaches to beans and lettuce to tomatoes and zucchini.

Some notable Westchester clients include Café of Love, Westchester Country Club, One Twenty One, and Mount Kisco Seafood. But Taggart says her proudest achievement is giving back to the community. She runs internships on the farm to teach young people the basics of farming, and she regularly donates from her harvests to the Katonah Community Center.

In an effort to share the beauty of Amba Farms, Taggart has recently begun hosting events on the property, working with Café of Love’s catering branch, Love on the Go.

Amba Farms
Bedford Hills



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