8 Recordings Of Ghosts In Westchester

Exclusive electronic voice phenomena—EVP—from the library of Katonah Paranormal


Scott Wylie, Wiki Commons

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We've all been there before. "What was that noise?!" "Who's there?!" "Did I leave the TV on?" Naturally we just tell ourselves it was the wind or our seemingly evergrowing forgetfulness, but these recordings hint elsewhere. Straight from Katonah Paranormal and their huge library of EVP recordings, these sounds clips captured by the organization purport to tell tales of the past—of the paranormal that might still be lurking.

Below are the recordings and some background, straight from Katonah Paranormal's EVP specialist, Barry Pirro. Remember, according to Barry, these sounds were not heard by anyone at the site, but only after they went back through their recordings.

1. We're Not Dead

"This was recorded at a private home in Danbury, Connecticut.  Sometimes spirits just want us to know that they are around, and that they don't consider themselves to be dead."  

2. How Old Do You Think I Am?

"This was recorded in a cemetery in upper Westchester.  The voice is a male saying, 'how old do you think I am?'  This voice and several others were captured at a particular mausoleum."

3. Seth

"Owners of a home in Hopewell Junction, New York, reported hearing doors closing, voices, and footsteps.  Their radio would turn itself on in the middle of the night from time to time, and once they came down to find their Christmas tree lit up when they know that they had turned it off the night before.  We had asked the spirits to tell us their name.  The voice that came through is of a young boy saying the name 'Seth.'" 

4. Please Go

"We were conducting an investigation at a private house in Katonah, New York.  The owners reported hearing voices, loud bangs on the walls, and seeing several shadowy figures in their home.  This spirit obviously wasn't interested in having us around - so he politely asked us to 'please go.'"    



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