Peekskill Brewery: The City of Craft-Beer’s Largest Brewery

A brewpub and restaurant boasting two accessible sours and a whole lot else


Peekskill Brewery
(25.2 miles from White Plains)

In the 1990s, the brewpub genre earned a bad name when glorified bars with tanks opened all across the country. Mostly, these offered watery, amateur beers paired with nondescript pub fare. Not surprisingly, by the turn of the millennium, the boom went bust when discriminating drinkers realized that they could get better beer at non-brewing bars. It was only recently that the brewpub genre underwent a drastic revamp when serious brewers like Sam Calagione (of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery) teamed up with equally serious restaurateurs (like Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali) for aspirational brewpubs such as Eataly’s Birreria. Brewpubs like Peekskill Brewery are the inevitable result. In 2011, Peekskill Brewery hired top-notch brewer (and sour specialist) Jeff O’Neil from Ithaca Beer Co. while Chef Sean Corcoran holds it down in the kitchen with on-trend pub food that includes house-made pretzels, pickles, and porkgasmic charcuterie. Don’t miss PB’s two chuggably crisp sour beers, Simple Sour and Amazeballs.

47-53 S Water St, Peekskill, (914) 734-2337; 

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