Halloween Costumes: Dos and Don’ts

Think I Love Lucy, not Green Lantern


You probably won’t spot them dining at Bedford Post in theatrical makeup, but it’s well known which of Westchester’s most famous residents play dress-up professionally. When considering your own Hallows’ Eve getup, learn from their on-set looks what’s worth the wig (and inexpiable glitter)—and what’ll traumatize even the bravest trick-or-treater. 

The Good
Flawless-looking Mount Kisco resident, Cuomo darling, and Food Network personality Sandra Lee goes classic and recognizable as well-loved Lucy. (You might think a more obscure costume will earn you cred, but having to identify yourself to every person at the party gets harder after a few cups of spiked eyeball punch.)
The Bad
You’ll dazzle your way to victory for your district—or at least with your kids—as cobalt-streaked, sparkly suited Hunger Games host Caesar Flickerman, portrayed in the movie version by Northern Westchester’s Stanley Tucci. Just hope the odds are in your favor when it comes to stripping off the hair dye and fake tan for the office. 
The Ugly
Resist the urge to live out lingering superhero fantasies—unless you’re on a flight to Comic Con. Trust us, inviting comparisons to Bedford nester Ryan Reynolds in a shimmied-on Green Lantern suit is a losing battle. 

Sandra Lee photo by Ed Ouellette Photography; The Hunger Games photo by Lionsgate; Green Lantern photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Ent. 




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