Cure for the Common Date: How and Where to Have Great Dates in Westchester

It’s time to rethink “dinner and movie,” and we’ve got options to get you started


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For the “Foodies”

First, never describe yourself as a “foodie” unless you truly are one. The temptation is strong to impress at all costs, but unless you’re Boulud’s secret protégé, you’re risking an embarrassing revelation the first time you spray cheese from a can onto a cracker in front of your date.

This is all about trying new things, so instead of regaling your date with that story about the time you made a delightful roulade, why not take a class and actually learn a little something about food and drink—together? The Astor Center (, located in NoHo, Manhattan, offers cooking and cocktail classes with tantalizing options like No Goat Left Behind with momofuku’s Matthew Rudofker; Aw Shucks: A Hands-On Oyster Primer; and Whisky Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon. Classes are perfectly timed for a date at around two to three hours, and nothing says romance like the severed shells of a bivalve.




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