Cure for the Common Date: How and Where to Have Great Dates in Westchester

It’s time to rethink “dinner and movie,” and we’ve got options to get you started


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Listen, we all know first and second dates can be about 13 kinds of awkward. You’re just getting to know each other, the anticipation is through the roof, and the pressure is definitely on to impress the other person. Dinner and a movie? Only if you want to put your date in a coma by the 30-minute mark. Don’t get us wrong—there’s a time and a place for that later in the relationship, once you’re comfortable and situated and have seen each other in sweatpants. But when you’re first starting out, and, you know, conscious, try and think outside the box. Even if the date turns out to be a real dud, at least one of you will have done something you enjoy—and isn’t that what dating is all about? 

Fortunately, our area is full of options for all you adventurous, amorous types. Here are a few ideas to get you started. You can thank us on Date #3.

For th​e...

Wild Ones

(Slightly Twisted) Culture Buffs


Attention Hogs

(Sort of) High Rollers

(Actual) High Rollers




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