Westchester Couples Who Married Former High School Sweethearts or Longtime Friends

Looking for a date? Some Westchesterites have found success reconnecting with long-ago exes and friends.


Everybody seems eager to share stories about people who have found romantic happiness with someone from their deep past: the uncle who is dating a former elementary-school classmate, the co-worker engaged to a guy she first met at sleep-away camp. And there are countless tales of Westchesterites who went to a bar mitzvah or a class reunion or a wedding or a funeral, and before they left the catering hall, they had renewed a relationship that eventually led to marriage.
Urban (or suburban) myth? Absolutely not! There’s even a name for these on-again lovers: “rekindlers,” coined by California-based psychology professor Nancy Kalish in her book on finding romance with an old flame, The Lost Love Chronicles: Reunions & Memories of First Love. Acquaintances and former sweethearts alike heed the call to catch up—and possibly find happily ever after—with one-time friends, neighbors, and schoolmates. We heard first-hand accounts from quite a few couples with Westchester roots, and several were even brave enough to go on the record about their love lives, from high school to happiness.

Kati and Tom Byrne

Lorri and Rick Venturi
Danielle Belfiore and Chris Meckley




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