Grooming Guide for Men


We’re not talking namby-pamby, metrosexual stuff, but the nitty-gritty basics for guys who want to look good and smell great. Sebastian Aliberti, owner of Sebastian’s Barber Shop in Tarrytown, puts in his two bits’—er, cents'—worth.


What kind of guy goes to a barber?
Laid-back, low-maintenance guys—although a lot of barbers in modern barbershops have stylist backgrounds. I personally have a stylist’s background, but I chose to become a barber.

What’s the difference?  
A barber has a deeper connection to a man’s hair and can provide a cleaner cut and edges.

Is there a way to avoid razor burn?
Foamy shaving cream can irritate the skin. I use a clear shave gel by American Crew.

Electric or manual razor?
Manual. The Gillette MACH3 or Gillette Fusion is the best thing that you can use on your face.

What are the benefits of a hot shave in a barbershop?
A hot shave is more about the experience than anything else, but you do get cleaner lines than shaving on your own because we use a straight razor.

What about hair loss: hide it, embrace it, deal with it?
The modern-day man is beginning to embrace hair loss—I can’t remember the last time I had to do a comb-over for someone. When men begin to lose their hair, they should change their cut, buzzing it down and keeping it short.
Hair on the head is good, but not growing out of ears and noses, on backs and shoulders. Should men deal with this themselves or go to a pro?
Deal with it themselves. Go to a nearby drugstore and buy a buzzer. If a guy came in and asked me to take care of his body hair, I don’t know what I’d say.

How often does this “personal” grooming need to be done?
It depends on the guy.  You should always keep everything neat and trimmed.

Does a real man ever wax?
I wouldn’t wax, but then again, I’m not even much of a shaver—I prefer a little stubble.

Do real men have mani/pedis?
We should all maintain our nails. Get a manicure; get the pedicure bi-monthly to keep your feet looking nice.

Deodorant: Roll on, solid, spray—what’s best?
I prefer the spray—it leaves fewer stains on clothing and is a bit neater. Roll-ons last longer, though.          

Cologne dos and don’ts?
Don’t over-saturate yourself. You want to smell nice, but not overpowering.



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