Best New Westchester Restaurants of 2012: Noodle+ in White Plains

Photography by Andre Baranowski

Photography by Andre Baranowski

Hand-folded dumplings laden with satisfying soup

245 Main St, White Plains
(directly opposite the City Center)
(914) 948-4950;

The stylish photo mural says it all: On it, you’ll see the smiling faces of kids happily slurping from bowls of noodles. This sleek, super-casual restaurant offers an ideal stop for young families and lone diners who are looking for a basic midweek fix of curry and noodles. We love a bubble-tea menu that promises the pleasure of sucking up chewy, black tapioca pearls in sweet, fruit-flavored tea, and excellent soup dumplings (hand-folded to order!) that literally droop from the neck with deliciously gingery pork broth.

For mains, look for enriching bowls of pho (pronounced “fuh”), the intense Vietnamese beef soup with rice noodles and a scattering of raw vegetables and herbs—also look for pad Thai and curry rice bowls, plus, there’s a children’s menu that parents can actually get behind. Instead of nasty, deep-fried freezer fodder, Noodle+ offers mild and child-pleasing noodles and wonton soup. Slurp!



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