Best New Westchester Restaurants of 2012: Cooked & Co. in Scarsdale


128 Garth Rd, Scarsdale
(914) 205-3939;

This breezy little eatery is almost more town amenity than restaurant. Located just down the road from the Scarsdale Metro-North station, Cooked & Co. makes a perfect AM stop for coffee and healthy egg-white wraps. But Cooked & Co. is no deli. This downtown nook also offers a pretty space where one can dine under a Mason jar chandelier while lounging comfortably against coffee-sack upholstery. Diners may eat in or take their meals home, and, though Cooked & Co. holds no liquor license and offers a fine array of smart choices (like juices, salads, and yogurt shakes with added protein), diners will also find what they really want: steak sandwiches, Boylan Bottling sodas, and burgers. Don’t miss delicious soups, panini, and cookies for home.



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