Best New Westchester Restaurants of 2012: Burrata Wood Fired Pizza in Eastchester


Burrata’s pizza oven is the star of the show.


425 White Plains Rd, Eastchester
(914) 337-3700;

Sure, its beginnings were a little rocky (and included a cease-and-desist letter regarding Burrata’s original chosen name, Hearth), but Burrata has since nestled into a snug corner of Westchester’s heart. And why not? Burrata is both a stylish destination for couples and a casual, welcoming respite for families. Don’t miss a snappy, Italophilic drinks list that includes a mean Negroni and Aperol Spritz (Secco Prosecco, Aperol, soda), Italian craft beer, and cheap and cheerful wines. Among its buys, you’ll find hospitable $32 bottles of Alberello Negroamaro—it’s perfect for big, multi-bottle family dinners.

Smoky, charred, and delicately porky, Burrata’s prosciutto pie aims to please.

While its name comes from the Puglian cheese of fior di latte sacks filled with cream-soaked curds (which is ever-present on this menu), Burrata’s real star is its wood-fired Stefano Ferrara Forni oven. The gold-tiled behemoth spins out crisp-crusted, yet tender, rounds of pizza, their flavor magically touched by wood smoke. Don’t miss the chili-spiked sausage pie or the prosciutto pizza with smoked mozzarella.



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