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Home Theater

Our favorite frights to your Halloween movie queue
The Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut
DVD Release Date: October 5, Warner Home Video
Your favorite devil-possession film just got 12 minutes scarier. With technological advances, The Exorcist director William Friedkin was able to restore 12 minutes of footage that didn’t work in the original 1973 version of the film. (Just be glad that 3D home televisions aren’t the norm yet—you wouldn’t want that stuff flying at you.) You can watch the restored version of the film, along with outtakes and making-of features that you also missed the first time around.

DVD Release Date: October 5, Warner Home Video
What’s scarier than devil possession? I dunno—try human ambition. In this film, two geneticists push past the boundaries of acceptable science for personal gain—then have to deal with the creature they created. (And you thought your kids were a handful.)

A Nightmare on Elm Street
DVD Release Date: October 5, New Line Cinema
Freddy Krueger—now there’s a villain with some personality. (Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers are scary, but they’re lacking in the wisecrack department.) See the new spin on the baddie—new twisted face, new creepy performance from Jackie Earle Haley—with this 2010 remake. Then spend Halloween debating whether the movies were better when they had the dubious charm of lower-budget special effects.

Alien Anthology
DVD Release Date: October 26, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Across the four Alien movies, you can find every kind of scare you could possibly want, from quiet, pure-suspense jumps to nonstop-action-adrenaline thrills (and the creepy feeling that the cloned Ripley gives you in the last one). Revisit them all in one Blu-ray set, which includes the special editions of all the films plus an extra disc of bonus material on every aspect of these movies you could ever be curious about. (A gallery of the movies’ patches and logos, anyone?)




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