Letters to the Editor

Forget Fashions
Your September issue was a great antidote for my life-is-over, end-of-the-summer blues. From the cover, with its glorious fall colors, to the fall arts preview, which convinced me I can stay close to home and still have fun, to the fall getaways, which made me want to leave the county to have fun, the magazine was a cheerful reminder of the many pleasures of the new season. The fashions?  Irrelevant at best, offensive at worst. Who are these people, and why are they spending $1,000 on a jacket? Drop the Vogue pretensions and do what you do best.
Sarah Lang
Dobbs Ferry


Ex-Pat Accolades
As a former New Yorker, now living in Ohio, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy getting my issues of Westchester Magazine. Even if I am no longer seeing doctors or eating in restaurants in Westchester, the articles are great to read and I get ideas for gardening or decorating that I can use even so far outside of the metropolitan area. Format, graphics, and photos are top-notch. And I have called to order some great gifts from some of your advertisers. Thank you!
Erica Miller
Shaker Heights, OH

Oops: In “Getting In” in our Talk of the County section last month, the website for Carol Gill Associates was listed incorrectly. The correct address is collegesplus.com (not colleges plus.com).

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