Denim Intervention


Are you—or someone you love—stuck in dad jeans circa last century? Here to do a denim intervention is self-described hardcore denim-head Adam Zuckerman, owner of the über-stylish Z-Life Denim Lounge in Rye Brook.

Where do you find the brands you feature? I read magazines from overseas; they're six to nine months ahead of us, fashion-wise.
What are the biggest men's fashion trends this season? Quilted shirt jackets—shirts heavy enough for outerwear—are big. Also down vests and lace-up boots.
And what are the hot colors? Purple, navy blue, chocolate brown, and charcoal gray are all big.
Are pricier jeans of better quality? Absolutely. Don't get scared by the price of premium jeans—they last longer and wear better than jeans from the Gap.
What jeans should every man own? A dark wash to wear out at night and a light-washed pair for weekends, both straight-leg.
Who are some up-and-coming denim designers to watch for?  Levi’s new exclusive Made & Crafted brand—we’re one of only a handful of shops carrying it—will be huge.
What’s the priciest pair you sell? A pair featuring hand-washing and paint splatters by Edwin sells for six hundred dollars. You’re paying for the workmanship; each pair is handmade in Japan.
Okay, so which jeans should get the old heave-ho? Anything with the old high-waist, baggy fit.



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