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Must Haves For Men


Salves, serums, scrubs, soothers, and scents for the men in your life


Mirror Mirror, on the Shower Wall


For the man who shaves in the shower: ACE shower mirror has a patented water reservoir that keeps the mirror fog-free, heavy duty suction cups to secure it to the wall, and a handy razor holder built right in.

ACE Fogless Shower Mirror $15.99 all major grocery, drug, and retail stores or at





This face scrub contains corn-cob meal and pineapple to exfoliate old skin cells that can cause breakouts and razor drag. Tea tree oil helps reduce razor bumps; vitamins A, C, and E soothe irritation.

ZIA Men ActiClean Face Scrub, 5 oz $9.95

Whole Foods and


Get Fresh




Launched last spring at Target, Every Man Jack’s full line of men’s personal care products come in three scents and are free of dyes, sodium laurel sulfate, and paraben, which can cause allergic reactions. Parabens, in particular, have been linked to cancer.

Body Wash and Shower Gel       12 oz $4.99

Target stores


Body Spritzers



Body sprays are something in-between a deodorant and a cologne—crisp, clean scents that whisper, not shout, “manly.”

RGX Bodyspray from Right Guard 4 oz $3.99 to $4.99

All major grocery, drug, and retail stores


Rash Decision



For the man with sensitive skin: Oloff's alcohol-free gel with tea tree oil relieves and heals ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes, and other minor skin irritations.

Oloff Beauty Rash Decision, 2 oz $16

Hair Exchange, Pleasantville




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Go in Style


Wheat amino acids and a special cocktail of vitamins, soy protein, and silicone give this creamy styling wax for hair holding power, plus there is sunscreen for UV protection.


Fantastic Sam’s Simple Style Matte Wax, 3.4 oz $9.95


Bedroom Eyes


Nivea for Men eye cream is fragrance-free and safe for contact-lens wearers, and can help the skin replenish its own Coenzyme Q10 which, according to the company, will visibly reduce dark circles, fine lines, and under-eye puffiness. SPF of 6


Nivea for Men Revitalizing Eye Crème, 0.5 oz $8.99

All major grocery, drug, and retail stores


Soothing Salve


For the environment sensitive man: all Aubrey Organics products are 100-percent organic vegan and the company does not test its products on animals. This after-shave balm contains aloe vera to hydrate and witch hazel and menthol to cool skin and tighten pores. Available in three scents.


Men’s Stock After Shave Balm

4 oz $10.95

Whole Foods or



Facial Fitness


Dr. Perricone’s wildly successful line of anti-aging products is not just for women anymore. This serum, designed specifically for men, promises to increase firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines, even out skin tone, and decrease appearance of enlarged pores.


N.V. Perricone M.D. Total Facial Repair, 1.7 oz $85

Nieman Marcus, Nordstrum, and Sephora






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