Take Our Westchester Farms Quiz

How much do you know about Westchester’s farms?

Westchester is known for its proximity to the greatest city in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s just another concrete jungle. This county is filled with farms that keep our communities fresh and green. Test your knowledge on our local farms and see for yourself if you are “down” on the farm or just one of them thar city slickers.


1. Faraway Farms in Yorktown Heights specializes in the breeding and sale of which animal?

A. Sheep    
B. Pigs    
C. Alpacas    
D. Llamas


2. Which two farms are actually nonprofit organizations?

A. Hilltop Hanover Farm & Stone Barns
B. Stone Barns & Wilkens Fruit Farm
C. Muscoot Farm & Hilltop Hanover Farm
D. Wilkens Fruit Farm & Muscoot Farm


Which of the following farms does NOT offer apple picking?

A. Stuart’s Fruit Farm    
B. Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm
C. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard    
D. Hemlock Hill Farm


Which farm uses one of its original buildings to showcase local artists?

A. John Boy Farm    
B. Muscoot Farm
C. Hilltop Hanover Farm  
D. Faraway Farm


Which two farms also have separate restaurants?

A. Purdy’s Farmer & The Fish and John Boy’s
B. Stuart’s Farm and Hilltop Hanover Farm
C. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard and Stone Barns
D. Muscoot Farm and Faraway Farm


Spoiler Alert! Answers below:



1. C. Alpacas

2. A. Hilltop Hanover Farm & Stone Barns

3. D. Hemlock Hill Farm

4. B. Muscoot Farm

5. A. Purdy's Farmer & The Fish and John Boy's



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