These One-of-a-Kind Pocketknives Flaunt Cutting-Edge Design

R&M Woodrow Jewelers in Rye is the only spot in Westchester where you can get these exclusive items.

Photo courtesy of William Henry

Imagine the vestiges of an otherworldly meteorite and a 10,000-year-old mammoth tooth in your back pocket. Among the most exclusive pocketknives in the world, William Henry knives are made with hand-forged metals, fossils, rare organics, and even extraterrestrial materials. The inspiration for some of these exotic beauties — which range in price from a mere $300 to a whopping $75,000 — come from as many as 20 different countries.

William Henry founder Matt Conable says, “We don’t sell products. We craft one-of-a-kind, unique, hand-tooled pieces that stand the test of time and will be classics for generations,” and R&M Woodrow Jewelers in Rye is the only place in the county where you’ll find these styles, like the above Lancet “Stars & Stripes” model  which features hand-carved sterling silver, inlaid with Zinc Matrix turquoise.  ($1,950)



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