A Peek At Peekskill Project 6

The city-wide art project features close to 60 artists

Man Bartlett, RAGA/PEAK, 2015

Photo courtesy of the artist

With an explosion of new restaurants, events, and shops, Peekskill is currently one of the hottest cities in Westchester. Of Peekskill’s more notable cultural offerings is their citywide, public art festival, Peekskill Project 6 (which runs through December 31), founded in 2004 by the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. 

Livia Strauss, director of the Peekskill Project, notes that “the goal of the Peekskill Project initiative was to give [a platform to] talented artists producing work that is not necessarily reaching the public for several reasons: lack of commercial feasibility, lack of gallery representation, or lack of exhibition opportunity.” 

Nearly 60 local and internationally acclaimed artists in various mediums will exhibit at public venues like the Field Library and the Riverfront Green. Highlights of this year’s festival include Man Bartlett’s groundbreaking 24-hour audio work RAGA/PEAK, in which improvised melodies are transmitted over short-range FM radio signals, as well as Liene Bosquê’s Collecting Impressions, experimental fusions of performance art and pottery. 

A far-reaching public program will coincide with the festival, offering film screenings, workshops with artists, public performances, and events. A talk series will also be presented, during which curators, artists, and the public will be able to discuss numerous themes including the role of contemporary art in everyday life. 

 Visitors interacting with clay impressions taken during Bosque's April 2015 walk on the Lower East Side, NY. Photo taken by Philipp Muller




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