Yoga Safety Tips from Yonkers Instructor Alex von Bidder

What you don’t know about yoga can hurt you. Five things yoga instructor (and restaurateur—Four Seasons, anyone?) Alex von Bidder of Yonkers wants you to know before you roll out that mat.


Photo by Iko

- Practice only with a certified teacher; check credentials with the Yoga Alliance, the largest organization that ensures teachers meet their standards.

- Read the class descriptions to find one appropriate for your abilities and interest levels.

- If it hurts, don’t do it. In yoga, there is a philosophy of ahimsa, which is Sanskrit for “nonviolence”—and that applies to your body first.

- Pick a studio that is close to your home or office. Convenience is the key to continuity in your practice, and continuity lessens the likelihood of injuries.

- Check Westchester Magazine, or another trusted source, for their opinions. (Gee, thanks, Alex!)



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