Q&A with Marc Mazzarulli of Opus 465 in Armonk


Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
If Not a Chef, I’d Be a…restaurant designer.
I Never Eat...beef tongue. At CIA, a chef made me eat it for breakfast.
Favorite Place to Dine Out…Mezon in Danbury, Connecticut.
I Hate It When a Diner at My Restaurant...changes a dish and then sends it back because they don’t like it.
I Never Cook with…cilantro.
Favorite TV Show…Repo Men: Stealing for a Living [formerly on TLC].
Waiters Should Never…invade a diner’s space.
The Strangest Request from a Diner…To cut up their food in tiny pieces.
My Eating Disorder Is…tasting great food all day and later just craving junk food.       
Favorite Pain Reliever…Vodka.
My Biggest Superstition Is…I don’t like to start a new shift with old tickets on the line or spindle.



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