The OTHER Westchester

Of course we’re the center of the universe, but, to avoid confusion, here’s the 411 on how we compare to the other Westchesters (and West Chesters) out there.


TownPopulationNearby Large CityLargest EmployerFamous ResidentsInteresting Tidbit
Westchester, NY (County)950,237New York CityPepsiCo, with 3,475 employees, followed by IBM, with 2,200Richard Gere, Vanessa Williams, Rob Thomas, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, David Letterman, Eileen Fisher, Beyoncé, Jay-Z…Too many. Subscribe to Westchester Magazine.
West Chester, PA (Borough)17,861PhiladelphiaWest Chester University, with 3,000 employeesGolfer Sean O’Hair, Philadelphia Phillies player and 2008 World Series MVP Cole HamelsA scene from Marley and Me was filmed on Gay Street.
Westchester, IL (Village)16,824ChicagoCorn Products, with 800 employeesApparently, several mobsters have lived in the town.Don’t know any.
West Chester, OH (Township)57,123Cincinnati/DaytonLakota School District, with 1,969 employeesRepublican House Minority Leader John A. BoehnerHome of U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader John Boehner
Westchester, CA43,005Downtown Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport, with 3,547 employeesMila Kunis of That ‘70s Show, Holly Madison of The Girls Next Door, and Beverly Mitchell of 7th Heaven, all attended Loyola Marymount University.Entrepreneur Howard Hughes operated Hughes Tool Aircraft Company, and Hughes Airport there.




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