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The Kids Are All Right
DVD Release Date: November 9, Focus Features
This movie came out in the summer, yet magically didn’t contain a single explosion, robot, alien invasion, dream-within-a-dream, or any other trademark of a summer blockbuster. Instead, it’s a simple, well-told story about a family and the changes it experiences when one of the children tracks down the sperm donor her mothers used when they conceived her and her brother. In this case, well-realized characters trump all special effects.

Toy Story 3
DVD Release Date: November 2, Disney*Pixar Home Entertainment
Buzz, Woody, and the gang never seem to run out of adventures, do they? This time, when Andy, their faithful owner, heads off to college, the toys have to adapt to a second life in a local daycare center. The DVD contains another patented Pixar short film and a NASA-co-produced feature about Buzz’s adventures in space—but you might want to keep your kids away from the behind-the-scenes feature about the new Toy Story theme park at Hong Kong Disneyland, lest they demand a trip.

The Pacific
DVD Release Date: November 2, HBO Home Video
Critics hailed this 10-part HBO miniseries as “universally excellent” (Los Angeles Times) and a “bloody masterpiece” (TV Guide). There’s no doubt it would be a hit with the history buff in your family. In addition to the series, about the Marines stationed in the Pacific during World War II, the DVD set also comes with gobs of features to get at the true story behind the events: interviews with the real marines the characters were based on, historical influences, and prologues that set the scene for each episode.

The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
DVD Release Date: November 2, Warner Home Video
Goonies never say die—and their movie never does, either. Even though you can probably catch this movie on its endless weekend-cable rotation, true Goonies fans won’t be able to pass up the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. (Yes, the Goonies are 25 now.) The set comes with a board game, a 1985-style souvenir magazine, and updates on what the cast is doing now. (Hint: One of them became a Hobbit.)



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