What Mad Men Would Eat and Drink Today

How those glamorous men in gray flannel ate, drank, and hit the town.

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Guts and Glory Pâtés
Chicken livers and bacon are back! Look for Chef Vicky Zeph’s (Zephs’ 638 Central Ave, Peekskill 914-736-2159) fabulous pâté made with calves’ and chicken livers. It’s laced with double-smoked bacon strips, and (instead of water chestnuts) it sports the totally un-tacky crunch of house-cured zucchini pickles.

Raw Bar Towers
Shrimp chalices may be gone, but ostentatious shellfish live on. Look for a three-tiered power-tower of lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams, and King crab legs—large enough for a crowd (and priced for one, too). Harvest-on-Hudson (1 River St, Hastings-on-Hudson, 914-478-2000).

Cheese Plates
Cheese balls may have rolled into the über-kitsch snack du jour (see Amy Sedaris’s “Lil’ Smokey Cheese Ball” in the hipster cookbook, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence), but cheese in its natural form is enjoying a totally un-ironic comeback. Look for fabulous Iberian cheeses at Peniche (175 Main St, White Plains 914-421-5012), which come with tangy quince marmalade and, instead of Ritz crackers, sweetly perfumed slices of anisette torta.

Steak, Baby, Steak
Some things never change. Look for big drinks and even brawnier steaks at BLT Steak (Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, 221 Main St, White Plains 914-467-5500)—though today, the real high rollers opt for designer beef like Wagyu and Kobe.

Image by Melissa Hom

 Midget Avocados, Snails, and “Rack of Venison Salad”

A Mad Men-era menu from the ultra-chic Four Seasons

Where did those high-paid boys (and high-heeled girls) step out for their three-martini lunches? Our favorite mad, mod Westchester residents posed around swank joints like the Four Seasons, where all the high-powered Midtown mucketty-mucks gathered to see and be seen. We did some digging and found a mid-’60s menu from the Four Seasons. Take a look at what constituted the typical three-martini meal.

❶ ❷ ❸ [Midget Avocados...]
I guess those were the days when it was okay to laugh about certain things. And on that Virginia Blue Crab, doesn’t “Lump” look so damning—though let’s hear it for the Coriander Prosciutto, albeit served Don Ho-style with pineapple.

[Snails in Pots]
With all the French verbiage chucked around on this menu, is “snails in pots” the best way to sell this dish? And FYI: the French don’t even eat this stuff, nowadays.

[Crêpes Finlandia with Herrings]
What is it with that generation’s fascination with herring? It simply must have been the famous “Crêpes Finlandia” slung at the Four Seasons. (And PS: it also appears in the cold apps as Maatjes herring in Sauce Danoise.)

[Broiled Maine Lobster]
$6.50 for a lobster? Are they out of their ever-lovin’ minds?

[Suckling Kid]
They’ve since passed laws against this sort of stuff.

[Filet of Beef Poivre Flambe]
Because nothing says fancy like a fireball. Plus, you can light a Pall Mall off it.

❾ ❿ [Rack of Venison and Cold Rib Slices]
Note: both are under "Spring Salads."
Hey, there’s this leafy green stuff out there—it’s called lettuce.

[Beefsteak Tomato, Carved at Table]
Did the tomato swing through the dining room on a wheeled cart draped in linen? You bet it did!

[French Fried Potatoes]
In case you’re still hungry after your slimming rack of venison salad.

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