What Mad Men Would Eat and Drink Today

How those glamorous men in gray flannel ate, drank, and hit the town.

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Mad Men Munchies, Yesterday and Today

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Sure, cigarettes and highballs figure prominently—but even these killers have to eat. We looked at some classic mid-’60s dishes, and found local examples of culinary progeny.


Pigs in Blankets
Duh—tiny “cocktail franks” rolled in squares of frozen, Pepperidge Farm puff pastry…because anything in miniature is fancy, right?

It wasn’t a party until you donned your flowy “hostess dress” to pass those trays of rumaki, which—in case you haven’t heard—were bacon slices wrapped around chicken livers, made more exotic by canned water chestnuts.

Shrimp Cocktail
What says you’ve “made it” better than chilled fingers of pink crustaceans, hooked onto a footed goblet of clotty, kechup-y cocktail sauce? Nothing, that’s what.

Cheese Balls
For the uninitiated, that’s ground Wisconsin cheese (nuclear-orange cheddar does nicely), whipped with softened cream cheese, and then rolled through chopped walnuts. The orbs are especially enticing when served in weighty softball heft, into which party guests can stab before slathering contents onto Ritz crackers.

Steak, Baby—Big, Bloody, and Bare
You’re an animal in the business world—and also at the table.

Nothing makes you happier than a sharp knife and a dripping cow muscle.




Locavorian Pigs in Blankets
Not-so-little piggies rock on at Sweet Grass Grill (24 Main St, Tarrytown 914-631-0000). Chef Tommy Lasley’s brawny version is made with finely house-ground Stone Barns Berkshire pork and sweet, house-pickled onions.




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