What Mad Men Would Eat and Drink Today

How those glamorous men in gray flannel ate, drank, and hit the town.


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Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Look for these sickly greenish chick-tails drunk anywhere twenty-somethings gather.


Mulled Manhattan
The Barn at Bedford Post (954 Old Post Rd, Bedford 914-234-7800) slings a refined version made with Maker’s Mark bourbon; boutique Fee Brothers bitters lends spice while sweet Concord grape juice adds the obligatory plonk note of mulled wine.

Unbloody Mary
The satire is all gone at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (630 Bedford Rd, Pocantico Hills 914-366-9606), where locally grown cukes and tomatoes are hung to extract flavorful, clear juices. Garnished with a horeseradish “ice cube” (and a tomato-and-basil skewer), this drink beats the gray-flannel pants off even those ’60s-era pinnacles of chic—a sustaining “Clamato” or “Beefamato” bloody.

Single Malt
Food fads have their benefits (though they are responsible for abominations like “wraps”). Look for character and diversity in today’s unblended, single-malt Scotches—like the wide selection originating in remote Scottish bogs living behind the tavern bar at Crabtree’s Kittle House (11 Kittle Rd, Chappaqua 914-666-8044).

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(everywhere on the planet) Baristas, Norah Jones, and four-dollar cups of coffee—in paper, no less. This is progress?




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