What Mad Men Would Eat and Drink Today

How those glamorous men in gray flannel ate, drank, and hit the town.


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Westchester’s trendiest fictional residents have become it TV du jour, with the nation tuning in breathlessly to see each new booze filled exploit. Pour a drink and light up a Viceroy (and wave goodby to “reality” TV): it’s Westchester Magazine’s love letter to its favorite kill-or-be-killed commuters.



Mad Men Guzzlers, Yesterday and Today

It all looks so archaic now—booze in the office, the three-martini lunch—but where did it go?

We tracked what the ad men imbibed, and found remnants in today’s restaurant world.


Dry Martini
What real men drank: a triple shot of icy, hi-test gin with only the merest suggestion of vermouth.

A brawny drink that packs a punch as big as the town: a.k.a. a slug of bourbon, touched by sweet vermouth and bitters.

Bloody Mary
Hair of the dog after a night of boozy pitch meetings; the stalk of celery lends a satiric whiff of healthfulness— especially if munched with alternating drags off a Lucky Strike.


Real men drank gallons—starting at about 11 am—but their terse “Scotch, rocks” orders indicated mellow blended varieties like Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal.


Black Coffee
Hangovers are tough. Good thing your cinch-waisted wifey brews the best joe in town—scooped from a giant canister of Chock Full o’Nuts, then burbled in an ICBM-shaped, stainless-steel percolator.




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