Keen on Knickerbocker

After reading “The New Faces of Westchester” and “Living the High Life” (October 2009), I was compelled to email your publication to share our story. My partner, Collin Robison, and I moved to Westchester this year after a disastrous 18 months in contract on a condo in Manhattan that never completed. Fortunately, we found a gem in New Rochelle—the Knickerbocker Lofts. Collin found the building online and we came out for a look. As soon as we saw the space we knew it was the right fit for us. Collin is a makeup artist and designer—he developed a functional floor plan and, with his vision, made our loft a home. The space has great character with pipes, columns, and much of the original wood flooring from the days when it was used by G.P. Putnam and Sons. Additionally, we were lucky to find a diverse mix of neighbors (attorneys, teachers, artists, architects, writers...all from very different backgrounds)—it is a very special enclave. The building is quite unique —especially for Westchester County.

Trent DeBerry
New Rochelle

The Real Rochelle

I want to thank Dave Donelson for writing the truth about New Rochelle—that it is an outstanding place to live and raise a family—in the October cover story “Best Places to Live.”

Also, as one of the founders of the Huguenot Children’s Library—and a current board member of both the Partnership for the Huguenot Children’s Library and the New Rochelle Public Library Foundation—I was thrilled, and very touched, that Donelson focused on the library in his story. The main branch has kept the arts alive in the heart of New Rochelle’s downtown, providing hundreds of free cultural programs every year, and it continues to be such a great asset. (If you haven’t visited lately, plan an excursion to see the beautiful Bliss Music Center that opened October 10th, with third-floor views of the park and access to thousands of hours of music off- and online.) And, of course, the Huguenot Children’s Library and adjacent playground have become exactly what we had hoped, a gathering place for children from all over New Rochelle to play together and learn from each other.

Thanks for the refreshing view of New Rochelle.

Theresa Kump Leghorn
New Rochelle

Condo Close-up

Yes, I’ll admit it: I have always been curious about what all these new condos in the county look like up close and personal (“Living the High Life”). Thanks for giving me this great bird’s eye peek!

Arlene Lenok
New Rochelle

Holy Taxes!

Regarding your real estate package:
I found the chart on all of Westchester’s towns to be very informative. I currently rent a house in White Plains, and, although I am not ready to buy anything yet, the chart made me second-guess living here. I knew the property taxes in Westchester were high, but I had no idea they’d be that high! I love living in this county, but when it comes time to buy something, I think I can get a lot more bang for my buck if I buy somewhere else.

Zach Dayton
White Plains

An Admission

As the mother of two sons who have already gone through the college application process, I found the November issue’s “Final Say” interview by Laurie Yarnell with a college admissions officer particularly fascinating for its behind-the-scenes peek at what schools are thinking when they evaluate applicants. Of particular interest were the questions regarding the use of social networking sites and Google to glean more information about an applicant—something not even on my radar screen before I read this. Thanks for a definitely informative read.

Lizanne Rosenzweig

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