Things Found in Westchester Taxis

You may be surprissed by what’s been left behind in county cabs.


Lost your iPhone in the back of a cab? You’re hardly alone. Here is what taxi drivers have found in the back of their cars.

“People have left everything from suitcases to musical instruments and even a pet dog in the backseat. ”
—Receptionist Mike Johnson
Central Taxicab Company, Scarsdale

“One person left a prosthetic arm in the trunk of the car. We drove it back to him before he had noticed it was gone! ”
—Dispatcher and Driver Jim Wright
River Towns Taxi, Hastings-on-Hudson

“People have left wallets with hundreds of dollars, engagement rings, and even a full set of darts. ”
—Dispatcher Terry Singletary
Mount Pleasant Taxi, Hawthorne

“One of the most unusual things we have found is a full set of golf clubs, but there have also been sex toys of all sorts left behind. ”
—General Manager Paul Cichorek
Crestwood Taxi, Tuckahoe

“There haven’t been too many unusual things; primarily the obvious—wallets, phones, and umbrellas. We’ve found that the most common things left behind, however, are crumbs from the food passengers have been told not to eat in the car. ”
—Driver John DeMasi
Valhalla Taxi & Car Service, Valhalla

“Someone left a small brand-new Apple laptop computer underneath the seat and never called to claim it, even a year later. There was also a raw turkey left in the trunk of the car that went unnoticed for days until the smell made it impossible to miss. ”           
—General Manager Julio Naval Valentin
National Limo & Car Service, Sleepy Hollow



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