Top Doctors 2007

Which doctor does your physician send his sister, his best friend, or his father to? Probably one of these. 164 outstanding local MDs. See if your own doctor made the cut.


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Top Doctors 2007


The top 164 doctors in 49 specialties.


Each year for the past six years we have published a list of the very best doctors in our county. How do we do it? How do we determine who among Westchester’s 1,920 liscensed doctors is best? We don’t. We turn to the experts—Castle Connolly, a healthcare research and information company. Its physician-led team of researchers follows a rigorous screening process to select top doctors on both the national and regional levels. Using mail and telephone surveys, and electronic ballots, Castle Connolly asks physicians  and  leading hospital administrators and other medical officials to identify highly skilled, exceptional doctors. It carefully screens the doctors’ educational and professional experience before making its final selection of those most highly regarded by their peers. Here are the cream of Westchester’s medical crop.



Allergy & Immunology

Raymond Dattwyler

Valhalla, (914) 594-4444

Westchester Medical Center     Allergy, Immune Deficiency, Tick-borne Diseases


Kira Geraci-Ciardullo

Mamaroneck, (914) 777-1179

White Plains Hospital Center     Sound Shore Medical Center - Westchester

Asthma, Sinus Disorders,

Food Allergy


James Pollowitz

Scarsdale, (914) 472-3833

White Plains Hospital Center     Lawrence Hospital Center

Asthma, Food Allergy, Hives


Cardiac Electrophysiology

Martin Cohen

Hawthorne, (914) 593-7800

Westchester Medical Center

Interventional Cardiology, Pacemakers, Defibrillators


David Rubin

White Plains, (914) 428-3888

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia     

Arrhythmias, Radiofrequency Ablation, Pacemakers/Defibrillators

Cardiovascular Disease

Arthur Fass

Briarcliff Manor, (914) 762-5810

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center          Westchester Medical Center

Preventive Cardiology, Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension


Bernard Gitler

New Rochelle, (914) 633-7870

Sound Shore Medical Center - Westchester

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia

Heart Valve Disease, Sports Medicine-Cardiology, Nuclear Stress Testing


Anthony Mercando

Scarsdale, (914) 722-6300

Lawrence Hospital Center        NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia

Cholesterol/Lipid Disorders, Pacemakers/Defibrillators,  Preventive Cardiology


Lynne Perry-Bottinger

New Rochelle, (914) 576-7577

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia

Sound Shore Medical Center – Westchester

Cardiac Catheterization, Coronary Angioplasty/Stents, Heart Disease in Women


Anthony Pucillo

Hawthorne, (914) 593-7800

Westchester Medical Center     Coronary Angioplasty/Stents, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Cardiac Catheterization


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Lee Cohen

Hastings On Hudson

(914) 478-1330

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia

St Luke’s - Roosevelt Hospital Center - Roosevelt Division

Anxiety & Mood Disorders,

Psychopharmacology, ADD/ADHD


Emile Pincus

Ossining, (914) 941-7400

Stony Lodge Hospital  

Substance Abuse, Suicide


Robert Seaver

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-8979

Forensic Psychiatry,

Art & Creativity,



Child Neurology

Ronald Jacobson         

Sleepy Hollow, (866) 289-4595

Westchester Medical Center

White Plains Hospital Center     Epilepsy, Headache, ADD/ADHD


Martin Kutscher          

Rye Brook, (914) 232-1810

Westchester Medical Center     ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Tics       


Clinical Genetics

Lawrence Shapiro

Hawthorne, (914) 593-8900

Westchester Medical Center     Dysmorphology, Prenatal Diagnosis, Hereditary Cancer


Colon & Rectal Surgery

Christopher Bruce

White Plains, (914) 997-1599

White Plains Hospital Center

Colon & Rectal Cancer


Jerald Wishner

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-1050

Northern Westchester Hospital

Colon & Rectal Cancer, Laparoscopic Surgery            



Andrew Bronin

Rye Brook, (914) 253-8080

Greenwich Hospital     

Yale - New Haven Hospital

Skin Cancer, Melanoma


Ira Davis

Hartsdale, (914) 288-0500

Westchester Medical Center     Richmond University Medical Center

Mohs’ Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery


Neil Goldberg  

White Plains, (914) 761-8140

White Plains Hospital Center

Lawrence Hospital Center        Skin Cancer, Pediatric Dermatology, Acne       


Rhoda Narins

White Plains, (914) 684-1000

NYU Medical Center  

White Plains Hospital Center    

Liposuction, Cosmetic

Dermatology, Botox Therapy


Stuart Zweibel

Mount Kisco, (914) 242-2020

Northern Westchester Hospital

Mohs’ Surgery, Laser Surgery


Diagnostic Radiology

Jose Botet

White Plains, (914) 681-1260

White Plains Hospital Center     Interventional Radiology


Rosalyn Kutcher

Rye Brook, (914) 935-0011    White Plains Hospital Center     Mammography, Ultrasound, Women’s Imaging


Denise Leslie

Valhalla, (914) 345-0376



Diane LoRusso

Rye Brook, (914) 253-9200

Breast Imaging, Women’s Health, Ultrasound   


Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

David Blum

New Rochelle, (914) 633-8680

Sound Shore Medical Center - Westchester     

Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Disorders


James Hellerman

Tarrytown, (914) 631-9300

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

St Barnabas Hospital - Bronx   Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes, Calcium Disorders                                              

Family Medicine

Iyad Annabi

Yonkers, (914) 375-2300

St John’s Riverside Hospital


Peter Gottesfeld           

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-7800

Northern Westchester Hospital Hudson Valley Hospital Center Preventive Medicine, Headache, Pain Management


Stephen Kelly  

Dobbs Ferry, (914) 693-1660  Family Medicine Community Hospital - Dobbs Ferry

St John’s Riverside Hospital,

Tropical Medicine, Smoking Cessation


Edward Merker

Pleasantville, (914) 769-7300

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center          Geriatrics         


Richard Strongwater

Pleasantville, (914) 769-7300

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Travel Medicine



Elie Abemayor

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-9026

Northern Westchester Hospital NYU Medical Center

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Endoscopy, Peptic

Ulcer Disease


Marvin Chinitz

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-1050

Northern Westchester Hospital

Colonoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Liver Disease


Seth Gendler

New Rochelle, (914) 235-9333

Sound Shore Medical Center - Westchester     

Pancreatic/Biliary Endoscopy (ERCP), Biliary Disease, Pancreatic Disease


Stephen Heier  

Valhalla, (914) 493-8699

Westchester Medical Center

New York Medical College

Colonoscopy/Polypectomy, Gastric & Esophageal Disorders, Pancreatic/Biliary Endoscopy (ERCP)                                                    


Michael Kressner

New Rochelle, (914) 636-5222

Gastroenterology Sound Shore Medical Center – Westchester

Mount Vernon Hospital           

Colon Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Biliary Disease


Edward Lebovics

Valhalla, (914) 493-7337

Westchester Medical Center     Hepatitis B & C,Pancreatic/Biliary Endoscopy (ERCP), Crohn’s Disease


Neil Shapiro

Rye Brook, (914) 253-9252

White Plains Hospital Center     Greenwich Hospital

Endoscopy, Liver Disease,

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Peter Wayne

Yonkers, (914) 969-1115

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center - Yonkers        

St John’s Riverside Hospital

Hepatitis, Pancreatic/Biliary Endoscopy (ERCP), Colonoscopy

Geriatric Medicine


Thomas Kalchthaler

Yonkers, (914) 376-5555

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center - Yonkers        

Sound Shore Medical Center – Westchester


Hand Surgery

Richard Magill

Hawthorne, (914) 493-7738

Westchester Medical Center     Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, Microvascular Surgery



Philip Caron

Sleepy Hollow, (914) 366-0664

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center          Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Jonathan Goldberg

Mount Kisco, (914) 241-1370

Northern Westchester Hospital


Thomas Lester

Katonah, (914) 232-3135

Northern Westchester Hospital


John Nelson

Hawthorne, (914) 493-8353

Westchester Medical Center    

Infectious Disease


Peter Berkey

Yonkers, (914) 376-1543

St John’s Riverside Hospital      Saint Joseph’s Medical Center - Yonkers

Immune Deficiency, Tick-borne Diseases, Travel Medicine


Robert Nadelman

Valhalla, (914) 493-8865

Westchester Medical Center     Tick-borne Diseases, Lyme Disease


Thomas Rush

Briarcliff Manor, (914) 762-2276

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center          Putnam Hospital Center

AIDS/HIV, Lyme Disease, Travel Medicine


Peter Welch

Armonk, (914) 273-3404

Northern Westchester Hospital

Lyme Disease, Tick-borne Diseases


Gary Wormser

Valhalla, (914) 493-8865

Westchester Medical Center     Lyme Disease, AIDS/HIV, Diagnostic Problems


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