Matters of Taste

I realize that food choices are very subjective.  Still, how can you offer a blind taste test of seven chocolate cakes and not include the incomparable chocolate black-out cake from Ardsley’s Riviera Bakehouse? It’s a cake that defines what chocolate cake is.  I’d also like to add that the Executive Diner in Hawthorne should have made your list of six diner destinations. It’s an ideal location (perfect for pre- or post-movie going from the nearby multiplexes), terrific service, and great food (especially the chicken gyro platter).

Merri Rosenberg



Foodie Faux Pas

I was pleased to see the article on Port Chester restaurants, “The ‘Come Hungry’ Port Chester Food Crawl,” by Julia Sexton, in your August 2007 issue. I live in Port Chester and thoroughly enjoy its diversity of food experiences. However, I did not appreciate the insulting first line of the article: “Port Chester, New York. This once derelict inner-ring suburb, wedged between Rye and Greenwich, Connecticut...” Port Chester is not a “derelict community,” and I think Westchester Magazine should be careful before using such an unflattering word to describe one of its local towns.

Lorraine M. Herger
Port Chester




In last month’s feature about spectacular closets (“Inside Story”), we omitted the names of the designers behind Angela Santomero’s dressing room. The closet designers are Jill Fleischman and Stacey Cowen of The Closet Factory in New Rochelle; the interior designer is David Derbyshire of David Derbyshire Interior Design in Manhattan. We regret the omission.  


In our October feature on private schools, we incorrectly reported Greenwich Academy’s tuition. It is $24,500 to $29,100.


Riemer Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry is not defunct as mistakenly reported in the Short Order column of our October Westchester Eats section. The company has just moved to design studio quarters at 55 Locust Avenue, Rye (914) 921-0303; We regret the error.




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