Editor's Memo


Editor’s Memo



It is said that we spend more time with our office mates than we do with friends and family. I’m fortunate: I don’t mind spending time with my staff; they’re wonderful. Perhaps it’s time you learned a thing or two about the art and editorial departments’ staff members.




Creative Director Aiko Masazumi spends half of her time watching over the creative side, assigning photo shoots, and setting the magazine’s style. She spends the other half of her time working on the cover.



Art Director Kathee Casey-Pennucci is in charge of ad design and pagination. She has been known to chase down a missing ad at deadline.






Senior Creative Director Trish Gogarty, designer extraordinaire, gives our words an elegant and stylish home.



Managing Editor John Turiano is, perhaps, the best man in Westchester to bring to dinner. He knows every restaurateur, chef, and busboy in the county, and thankfully, they know and like him. When not dining out, John’s putting together our schedule and arranging those taste tests that have become so popular around here. (Chocolate cake anyone?)





Features Editor Nancy Claus has more beauty products sent to her each week than Sephora has on its shelves. If it’s the latest magic potion or lotion you’re looking for, she’s the person to see…if she’s not off researching weekend getaways and spas.



Features Editor Laurie Yarnell uses her finely honed investigative/yenta skills to write and edit pieces about travel, shopping, celebs, and parenting. And trust me, she knows everybody who’s anybody in the county.






Associate Editor Marisa LaScala knows what concerts are going on in Westchester before the promoters do, and already has the spring movie lineup mapped out on her desktop. She’s also the go-to gal to describe anything “pop culture” that no one else has ever heard of. Check out her blog, Poptional Reading, at www.westchestermagazine.com.



Assistant Editor Marisa Iallonardo loves fashion so much that, whenever she has any downtime, I find her buried in a fashion magazine. Of course, as head fact-checker, downtime is something she has very little of. Check out her blog, Custom Fit, at www.westchestermagazine.com.




Chief Copy Editor Carol Caffin previously worked in the music industry as a publicist for John Hall and Rick Danko of The Band. Now, she wields a red pen to make sure all of our articles are grammatically, syntactically, and stylistically correct.




Staff Writer W. Dyer Halpern is nicknamed “The Chronicle Kid” for his frequent con-tributions to the articles in the front of the magazine. He also covers nightlife, business, technology, history, politics, and any other of my wacky ideas he can handle.





Deputy Creative Director Halina Sabath can not be trusted with a camera. Put one in her hands and snap, snap, snap. (There are some two trillion photos of her son saved on her Mac.) You can thank her for the photos next to our names.



Assistant to the Art Department Marta Kujawa, who can track down a photo of the most camera-shy individual, promises to go to the gym with me almost every day. To date, she has still forgotten to bring in her sneakers.



                        Esther Davidowitz                                         





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