Hartsdale is a hamlet, a census designated place (CDP), and a haven for commuters. Being 20 miles north of North York City, residents can easily take the Metro-North to their places of work.

Hartsdale has a population of around 5,293 people, and is home to America’s first pet cemetery, as well as the world’s first Carvel Ice Cream store. There is also a “Poets Corner” neighborhood, with streets named after famous writers such as Poe, Keats, Longfellow, and Chaucer.

There is evidence to show that Hartsdale had played an important role during the Revolutionary War. During that time, the Odell House served as the headquarters for French general Comte de Rochambeau, and is where he and George Washington formed an alliance that would lead to the Battle of Yorktown.

Ferncliff Cemetary, located on Secor Road in Hartsdale, is also the burial ground for many celebrities including Malcom X, Judy Garland, and Ed Sullivan. John Lennon and Jim Henson were also cremated there. Among those who once lived in Hartsdale were inventers Henry Jacques Gaisman, who invented the Gillette Safety Razor, and John Logie Baird, who created the world’s first television. It also once housed the Salvation Army’s first female leader Evangeline Cory Booth, as well as artist Malvina Hoffman, actor Pete Riegert, and musician Billy Vera.

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