How Do Residents Feel About the Westchester-Long Island Tunnel?

Here's what you had to say in our survey.



We surveyed more than 800 users to see what they think of Gov. Cuomo’s proposed $55 billion tunnel connecting Long Island and Westchester County. Here’s what they had to say:


How do you feel about the proposed plan for a tunnel?

4% - It's a terrible idea

35% - I don't think it matters

61% - It could be pretty useful


Would you use a tunnel between Westchester and Long Island?

37% - No

63% - Yes


Would you pay $25 each way to use the tunnel?

67% - No

33% - Yes


In the resulting Mad Max: Fury Road that will be I-287, how will you survive?

10% - Swear loyalty to ‘Immortan’ Gov. Cuomo

33% - Stop using your blinker, drive amongst the Long Islanders, and gain their trust

57% - Unify as one nation and wage war against New Jersey



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