You Can Now Join a Bocce League With the Yorkville Sports Association

The Yorktown Heights-based company resurrects bocce, and apparently our magazine played a role.


When Westchester Magazine ran a story on Yorkville Sports Association’s golf league years ago, an editor suggested that it launch a bocce league, too, because that editor understood that after racecars, soccer, and Sophia Loren, bocce is a passion for old Italians everywhere. Well, that suggestion stuck with founder/CEO Al Morales, who is institutionalizing the game in Westchester as we speak.

Yorkville Sports Association organizes corporate amateur sports leagues with an overall goal of fostering camaraderie and wellness within companies. Since its 1978 inception, the Yorktown Heights-based company has worked with more than 16,000 firms in New York City and Westchester, all under the leadership of Morales. 

“As one of the oldest sports known to mankind, it’s really interesting to see how it is making a comeback,” says Morales, whose company also offers softball and kickball leagues. “Adding it to our growing lineup of sport offerings just made sense.”

 Registration for men’s and co-ed bocce-ball leagues is now open for enrollment. For more information or to register a team, visit

YSA allocates a portion of all league fees to nonprofits such as the Special Olympics.



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