Paws Crossed Leaves No Pet Behind

The Greenburgh-based animal-rescue shelter steps up with by being a "true no-kill shelter."


Greenburgh’s 100 Warehouse Lane was once again the site of an animal-rescue shelter when Paws Crossed officially opened its doors in April. But according to Paws Crossed President/CEO Jennifer Angelucci, the 40,000 sq. ft. facility is not just a no-kill animal shelter but rather a true no-kill shelter.

What’s the difference? “Animal shelters may euthanize up to 10 percent of their animals for reasons involving health or temperament and still be considered no-kill,” says Angelucci, but as a true no-kill shelter, “Paws Crossed will never euthanize an animal that is in good health, has behavioral issues, is of a particular breed, or takes up space.”

Paws Crossed ( even has plans for a rehabilitation program for animals that demonstrate aggressive or vicious behavior. The program is designed to “improve the behavior of animals that need help so that they become more adoptable,” Angelucci says, “thereby eliminating the need to destroy what may well be a perfectly wonderful animal, pet, and companion over a totally temporary and correctable issue.

“From the beginning,” she adds, “our mission has been to rescue these animals one by one until there are none. We want to become a pillar in the community and show people that a true no-kill animal shelter can be successful.” 



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