Eating Lean And Clean At Green Life

Growing up around delis and pizza joints, the Caliguri brothers have placed quality and nutrition at the foundation of their Mamaroneck eatery.


Fresh-pressed juices made from ginger, juicy apples, and nutrient-rich kale; crisp salads loaded with plump tomatoes and a colorful confetti of fresh vegetables; sandwiches that don’t leave you hungry an hour after lunch. At Green Life (266 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck 914-341-1725;, taste is definitely not a casualty of nutrition. 

Born and raised in Harrison, brothers Gregory, Anthony, and Mark Caligiuri were always struggling to find somewhere healthy to eat among the delis and local pizza joints. After growing up in the restaurant business (their father owned Cold Cut City in Riverdale), the Caligiuri brothers opened Green Life in June 2015.

Quality and portion control are the foundation of healthy eating, so the brothers teamed up with nutritionist Lesley Greenspan (founder of CaveCrave, a local granola brand available at at Green Life) to ensure their meals are properly sized and nutritionally balanced. All the meat is GMO-free, and deliveries of fresh produce arrive daily from New York State farms. 

Gregory Caligiuri’s favorite dish might be the Sweet Chick: a wrap with grilled chicken, sweet potato, spinach, and provolone, topped with chipotle mayo. But if eating another chicken sandwich (even a good one) doesn’t excite you, the diverse menu includes turkey chili with sweet potatoes and corn salsa, organic bison burgers, and tuna tartare served over mashed avocados with a light, teriyaki-balsamic glaze.

“I think the biggest thing we want to do is not stay constant,” says Gregory. “We want to have something different almost every week in this store.”  



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