Where To Bring The Kids Without Destroying Your Wallet

The costs of raising children are getting higher, so you need to be smarter.


Muscoot Farm is always free.

ThinkProgress (thinkprogress.org/)says the cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 rose to $241,080 for someone born in 2012. Yikes! We’ll try to help you defray that a little with some bargain outings for the whole family. If you don’t want your kids feeling left out, bring them…


…to the Movies

During the summer, the Alamo Drafthouse hosts a Kids’ Camp, with free movie screenings. 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Yonkers (914) 226-3082; www.drafthouse.com/nyc_area 

…to an Art Museum

The second Saturday of every month is Family Second Saturdays at the Neuberger, where kids “from tots to 10,” accompanied by an adult, can see the museum exhibition and attend free hands-on art workshops. 

Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase (914) 251-6110; www.neuberger.org

…to a Bookstore Reading

The Voracious Reader has a continuous stream of free visits from children’s and YA authors, graphic novelists, and other wordsmiths that’ll get your kids excited to read something other than a text message. Recent guests have included Annabel Monaghan (Double Digit), George O’Connor (Aphrodite), and Sujean Rim (Birdie’s Big Girl Hair)

The Voracious Reader, Larchmont (914) 630-4581; www.thevoraciousreader.com

...to See Animals

A visit to Muscoot Farm is always free, and spring is when the farm starts to come alive. Your family can get up close and see cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, horses, and other farm-favorite animals. 

Muscoot Farm, Somers (914) 864-7282; www.muscootfarm.org

…to Play with Legos

If your littlest ones think that everything is awesome at LEGOLAND, they can get a (small) break in admission on Tot Tuesdays, every Tuesday from 10 am to 2 pm, and enjoy activities geared towards kids ages 3 to 5. Buy a ticket in advance online, and pay just $15 per child and $18 per adult (weekend online prices are $16.50 per child and $19.50 per adult). Kids age 2 and under are always free. 

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester, Yonkers (866) 243-0770; www.legolanddiscoverycenter.com/westchester



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