Westchester Spice Rack: Sweet Cicely

Also called seseli, British myrrh, anise chervil, sweet bracken, and shepherd’s needle.

Description: Grown in the garden both as an herb and a flowering perennial, sweet cicely can grow up to 5 feet tall and is most often used in the kitchens of Germans and Scandinavians. The softly textured, fern-like leaves have an anise aroma and a pleasing sugar-like taste.

You Might Like To Know: Finely chopped sweet cicely makes a delicious addition to salads; also, it’s a safe sweetener for diabetics and pairs well with cream and yogurt and in cool summer drinks.  

Purported Attribute: According to Botanical.com, ancient herbalists suggested the roots of the sweet cicely plant—when boiled and eaten with oil and vinegar—are “very good for old people that are dull and without courage; it rejoiceth and comforteth the heart and increaseth their lust and strength.” Who needs Viagra?


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