Westchester 2013 Bucket List: Enjoy Walter’s Hot Dogs

Though it has the backing of and the , no one needs to tell us how good Walter’s is. Though we’ve shared this gem with visitors from all over the world, Walter’s is still Westchester’s own.


We love the high-brow/low-brow range of eating experiences Westchester has to offer and the iconic split and griddled treats served up at this Chinese temple of a hot dog stand (it’s on the National Register of Historic Places!) have the corner on the latter. Gourmet magazine ranked Walter’s as the number-one hot dog in the country, the New York Times raved about them as well, and fans send postcards in from as far away as Nepal, South Korea, and Vietnam.
Walter's Hot Dog
937 Palmer Ave, Mamaroneck
(No Phone) waltershotdogs.com

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