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ARMONK—More than 160 dogs were rescued from puppy mills in the Midwest and brought to Westchester to be adopted into loving homes by Armonk-based Adopt-A-Dog (

IRVINGTON—Several homes were evacuated and a Hazmat team was mobilized when a man’s body and a tub of chemicals were discovered inside a jeep. A note left by the man on the jeep’s window warned passersby to keep away and to notify Hazmat. The medical examiner’s office reports that this was the county’s first “chemical suicide”—a trend being imported from Japan.

NORTH SALEM—Legislation is being introduced in Albany that would grant North Salem permission to supercede the speed limits set by the state on its roads and set its own lower limits in an effort to reduce speeding and accidents.

WHITE PLAINS—In a sign of these recessionary times, the city has opened a “Take It Or Leave It” (TILI) center at the Department of Public Works recycling yard on Gedney Way. There, city residents can leave—or take, for free—used items in good condition, from exercise equipment and furniture to hardware, tools, and toys.

YONKERS—The Secret Service arrested two men for using fraudulent bank cards to withdraw cash from several ATMs in the city.



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