The Scoop on Chocolate Ice Cream

All chocolate ice cream is not created equal.



The weather is warming up, and we need some cooling. What better way than with yummy, smooth, rich chocolate ice cream? Pâtisserie owner and pastry chef Maarten Steenman of La Tulipe Desserts (455 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco 914-242-4555) taste-tested 10 brands of chocolate ice cream and rated the lot. “The best ice creams have shorter freeze times,” he told us between licks, “which make the ice crystals small and lends a smooth texture.” Great. And the best is…




1. Longford’s
($7.95/16 fl oz)
“Very creamy, beautiful color, and nice consistency. Good chocolate flavor.”
2. The Blue Pig
($7.50/16 fl oz)
“Tastes of chocolate, not cocoa powder. Dark color. Overall, very nice.”
3. Ben & Jerry’s
($4.69/16 fl oz)
“Color good and texture pretty spot-on. Taste’s of cocoa powder. Miss real taste of chocolate.”
4. Trader Joe’s
($3.99/32 fl oz)
“Nice color, light cocoa flavor, texture okay.”
5. Häagen Dazs
($6.05/16 fl oz)
“Smooth texture, perfect airiness, not enough chocolate flavor.”
6. Friendly’s
($5.49/48 fl oz)
“Hardly any chocolate flavor. Too compact. Fatty and sweet. Kids would like this.”
7. Turkey Hill
($5.99/48 fl oz)
“Color okay, rough texture, average flavor.”
8. Breyers ($5.99/48 fl oz)
“Watery. Recipe out of balance. More fattiness—either yolks or cream—is needed.”
9. Cold Stone Creamery ($7.99/16 fl oz)
“Full of thickeners, chewy texture, only slight cocoa flavor.”
10. Edy’s ($6.99/48 fl oz)
“Pumped full of air. Commercial and
cheap. Not




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