(Green) Thumbs Up

Gardening experts recommend their favorite tools of the trade.


Our garden writer, Tovah Martin, admits that gardeners are “gadget addicts,” so we queried her and other green-thumbed experts about their favorites.

Felco Pruners—Martin won’t leave home without a pair. “They’re like another appendage,” she says. Landscape designers Becca Mudge of Hastings-on-Hudson and Ana McGinnis of Sleepy Hollow agree.
Muck Boots—“I adore my Muck boots,” Mudge says. “I have the short ones for summer months and the tall tops for colder weather. That way I can walk anywhere I need to with dry feet, focusing on the plants and design and not the puddles!

Gardening Gloves—Jan Axel of Delphinium Design in South Salem prefers Atlas Cool Touch gloves to protect her hands from sun and soil: “They are inexpensive and come in sizes from XS to large.”

EZ Digger—It looks like something Freddy Krueger would use, but Martin swears by the EZ Digger (similar to a hand plow or a hori-hori) to break up soil, dig grass out by the roots without disturbing existing plants, and make trenches for bulbs.




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