Gay in Westchester

Our gay community has been vibrant but "invisible”—until now. We profile members of the community, find out what it’s like in the county closet, and administer a survey with The LOFT to explore gay life throughout Westchester.


Produced by Robert Schork

If you accept the traditional estimate that roughly 10 percent of the population is homosexual, this translates into nearly a hundred thousand gays and lesbians living, working, playing—loving—in Westchester. From spirited teens and lively seniors to dutiful parents and legally-wed couples—including heterosexually-married individuals living a double life in the closet(!)—our county is home to a diverse gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community, though one that is neither centralized nor overt. On the following pages we present various snapshots of Westchester’s mostly invisible minority.

Vibrant & Invisible

Gay life in Westchester is thriving...mostly under the gaydar.                                       

Counting Us In

Westchester Magazine partnered with The LOFT for an all-encompassing survey. Here, the LGBT community speaks for itself.

Out & About

Young, old, single, raising a family—what it’s really like to be LGBTQ in Westchester County.

The Westchester Closet

Still alive and well, and full—of married “straight” people




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