21 Beautiful Residents

We asked dozens of beauty pros, put out a call for nominations, and queried our neighbors, friends, and family to come up with this bevy of beauties of all ages, from all walks of life. Yes, we know that true beauty comes from within and yada, yada, yada—but sometimes you just have to take things at face value. Enjoy the scenery.

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❯❯ Megan Kaushal
25, White Plains, Medical Device Representative at St. Jude Medical Center
❯❯ Define beauty: Confidence. Someone who loves life, has energy, has good faith, and loves their family.❯❯ The most beautiful person: My grandfather, who just turned ninety. Everyone respects and looks up to him. He was recently sick, but I’ve never seen him upset, sad, or down. He has taught me a lot—life is about living to the fullest, and whatever happens, be happy and live a good life. ❯❯ I can’t leave the house without: My mascara. I think eyes are so important—especially when you’re speaking to someone.




❮❮ Christine (McSpedon) Elliott
35, Yonkers, Holistic Health Counselor
❯❯ Define beauty: What makes someone beautiful is his or her positivity and creativity. The most beautiful person: Amma, the hugging saint. She goes on tour and hugs people for eighteen hours, non-stop. Children, the sick, whomever. ❯❯ Cosmetic surgery? Honestly, my cosmetic surgery is just eating really healthy—it totally changed my hair and skin. ❯❯ Beauty philosophy: If doing some type of ritual, like getting your hair or makeup done, makes you happy, then that’s awesome. I’m not against getting my hair done—that can be really fun. But, if someone is trying to find beauty by using products and getting surgery, then they’re missing the point. ❯❯ Favorite beauty product: Coconut oil—to take off my makeup and moisturize my skin.




❯❯ Ayesha Mian
39, Scarsdale, CEO Zenblue Laser and Skin Care Center, Scarsdale
❯❯ Define beauty: To me, beauty is the world itself. All of its little curiosities, all of its little wonders, all of its little flaws that makes it so worthwhile, so enjoyable, in the midst of all of its imperfections. ❯❯ The most beautiful person: Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, just to name a few of the people who touched the hearts of many and are perceived beautiful in every sense of the word. ❯❯ Plastic surgery? If I were a burn or accident victim, or born with a disproportionate hooked nose, I would consider plastic surgery. Otherwise, it is too stressful, mentally and physically. ❯❯ I can’t leave the house without: SPF 30 or higher sunscreen; it completes the daily regimen of my skincare.




>> Ezriel Kornel
58, Bedford Hills, Neurosurgeon, Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York
❯❯ Define beauty: Beauty is something that draws you into a person, so that you can see on the outside the positive qualities of the person on the inside. A person’s inner self shines through. Beauty is also what feelings a person’s appearance invokes in you. ❯❯ The most beautiful person: I’m surrounded by beauty. My wife, my ex-wife, my kids, my stepkids. My son will probably kill me for saying this but, I think, as a man, he’s beautiful.



❮❮ DeLauné Michel
Irvington, Author and Founder of Spoken Interludes
❯❯ Age: Victor Hugo said that the forties are the old age of youth, so I guess I’m in my old age. Define beauty: Being present. I think it’s one reason all children are beautiful. They are right here, right now, and that is endlessly captivating. ❯❯ The most beautiful person: is the person I am laughing with or crying with. Any expression of real emotion is beautiful to me. ❯❯ Plastic surgery? None for me, but to each his own. ❯❯ Favorite beauty product? Hair gel! And I still end up wishing for straight hair every morning, but at least taming is possible. ❯❯ I couldn’t leave the house without: mascara and Trader Joe’s chapstick. Actually, I can’t even leave my bedroom without TJ’s chapstick in my pocket. ❯❯ Random thoughts: A dear friend of mine always says, ‘Give a good day’ instead of ‘Have a good day.’ That pretty much sums it up for me. When I’m focusing on other people and can forget my own concerns, I feel the best.



❮❮ Geraldine Moulton
32, Briarcliff Manor, Co-Founder of Non-Profit Butterfly Foundation
❯❯ Define beauty: Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I was exposed to different ideas about beauty. The country is more racially mixed, and people don’t see wide noses or curly hair as beautiful. Plastic surgery is very common, as is Keratin treatments to straighten hair. ❯❯ Cosmetic surgery? I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve had liposuction, back when I was on television in the Dominican Republic, but I’ve never done anything to my face. I started modeling when I was seventeen with the Elite Agency. The first thing the woman said to me was, ‘I see you’ve had a nose job.’ But I hadn’t. I wouldn’t rule out plastic surgery in the future. ❯❯ I can’t leave the house without: putting on lip gloss and blush.





❮❮ Matthew Yasgur
Bedford and South Beach, Florida, Co-Owner Static Hair Salon, White Plains
❯❯ Divulging your age: People connect beauty with youth, so I just say I’m on the wrong side of forty. It’s better than having people say—what, you’re THAT old?! ❯❯ Define beauty: It is happiness; we’re attracted to happy people. People are drawn to children and animals because they are happy, therefore beautiful. ❯❯ Recipe for happiness: It’s one part who you spend your time with, one part what you do with your life, one part where you live, and one part giving back.



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