21 Beautiful Residents

We asked dozens of beauty pros, put out a call for nominations, and queried our neighbors, friends, and family to come up with this bevy of beauties of all ages, from all walks of life. Yes, we know that true beauty comes from within and yada, yada, yada—but sometimes you just have to take things at face value. Enjoy the scenery.

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  ❮❮ Lori Land
White Plains, Co-Owner, Churchills of Mount Kisco
❯❯ Define beauty: What makes someone beautiful to me is their positive attitude toward life and how they treat others around them. A woman who works for me always keeps a smile on her face no matter what life throws at her. Her smile every day at work is sheer beauty. ❯❯ The most beautiful person:  My mother! She has such enthusiasm for life and, after beating breast cancer last year, she has become stronger and more confident with herself. ❯❯ Cosmetic surgery? I would never rule it out. The industry has really come a long way and has truly helped so many people achieve their goals esthetically. ❯❯ Favorite beauty product: Dr. Hauschka’s eye balm. I use it day and night to keep away crows' feet.


Simone HoSang 
29, Pleasantville Research and Development Nutritionist, Caribbean Food Delights
❯❯ Define beauty: Beauty is being fierce, passionate, inspiring, open, brave, free, sincere, unconditional. ❯❯ What makes someone beautiful? Someone who is passionate about what they love to do and shares that energy, which makes their beauty contagious and empowering. ❯❯ The most beautiful person is: Everyone is beautiful in my eyes, including myself. ❯❯ Cosmetic surgery? No, it’s not for me. I’m not opposed to someone who has decided this is what they want to do, as long as their intentions are clear and they remember where their true beauty exists. It’s best reserved for restorative purposes rather than prolonging youth. I think people need to embrace life and the beauty of the aging process. ❯❯ What do you think of people who openly consider themselves as 'beautiful'? I think those people are fabulous and more power to them. As a photographer, I wish more people would drop their insecurities for a moment, embrace their gorgeous self, and let it shine through the photos. I understand, sometimes, it can take a little warming up. ❯❯ Favorite beauty product: Coconut oil. It’s something I can use in my hair, on my skin, and in my food—beautifies inside and out.



❯❯ Gwen Clayton
45, New Rochelle, Life Skills Project Director, Boys & Girls Club, Co-owner of Alvin & Friends Restaurant in New Rochelle
❯❯ Define beauty: If you think you’re beautiful and that’s your sword, then all the power to you. But you'd better have something else in that dragon-slaying bag of yours to back it up. I find it ironic that I’m even here today. I don’t think I’m beautiful. ❯❯ Beauty tip: Put on a pair of sunglasses and some lip gloss and you’re good to go.

Meet Gwen Clayton's husband Alvin, the owner of Alvin & Friends restaurant. See page 44 for story.



>> Diana Chin
27, Thornwood, Facilities Administrator at Broadview Networks
❯❯ Beauty philosophy: I never judge a person without walking in their shoes. I know that sounds cliché, but if someone is empathetic, that makes them a beautiful person. Beauty is something that has to be bestowed upon someone by their actions. ❯❯ The most beautiful person: My father. He’s always quick with a smile, always there, never selfish. He’s an all-around good person. One time someone asked him why he's always happy and he said, 'I'm high on life!' and ever since then I follow the same philosophy. Carpe diem! ❯❯ Favorite beauty product: Eyeliner is all I wear—to make me look refreshed throughout the day.



❯❯ Everick Brown
46, Ossining, Interior Designer
❯❯ Define beauty: Nature. The most beautiful things I’ve seen in my lifetime come from nature. ❯❯ Beauty philosophy: First impressions are important—good teeth, skin, eyes. But beauty comes from within. If the interior is somewhat broken, it takes away from the physical. ❯❯ Your reaction on being selected: I laughed—I thought you must have run out of people—but I was flattered. My mom always said, 'Your health is your wealth,’ and I agree. The real recipe for beauty is happiness at the core.






❮❮ Nikolai Shpakov
32, Yonkers, Ballroom Dance Instructor, Exclusively Dance, Hawthorne and NYC
❯❯ What is attractive: Personally, I look in the mirror in the morning when I’m getting ready, but then not again all day. I think it is more about feeling good, feeling fit, a sense of well-being. ❯❯ Your reaction on being selected: I thought it was kind of funny—I never look for those things. But deep down, I was kind of proud—yes! ❯❯ How do you stay fit? While dancing helps keep me fit, I enjoy Bikram yoga recreationally. ❯❯ What about makeup when you're performing? I just use regular stuff from the pharmacy.





>> Dorathea Gornie
22, Shrub Oak, Administrative Assistant at Health Staffing Resources Pro, Mixed Martial Artist
❯❯ Define beauty: A good personality and nice teeth. Bet you haven’t heard that one yet. ❯❯ The most beautiful person: Mixed martial artist Gina Carano. She’s gorgeous and is an amazing fighter. She’s very inspiring. ❯❯ Favorite beauty product: I can’t live without bronzer. I just love that I can look tan in the winter.



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