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Pond Restoration

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Bedford Hills, (914) 403-7313
Once upon a time, a group of determined Greenwich, Connecticut, housewives were on a mission to restore a neighborhood pond. One quote for the work came back at $600,000; another at a cool $1 million. Still another contractor told them to forget it. Enter Carmine L. Labriola, an award-winning landscape designer (he worked on Central Park’s Strawberry Fields), whose business has evolved into sustainable landscaping. “A maintenance dredge causes the least environmental disturbance,” Labriola says. “We perform the dredge like carotid surgery. It’s easier to apply for permits and is a lot less expensive than completely dredging a pond.” How much less expensive? The ladies from Greenwich got their pond back for $100,000.

Quilt Repair

The Quilt Cottage
414 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck
(914) 777-1333; quiltcottage.net
Nancy Rosenberger spent 20 years in the textile business before opening the Quilt Cottage in a historic building: the perfect place to honor (and learn) the age-old art of quilting. In addition to making custom quilts and selling materials for new ones, Rosenberger repairs old quilts, a time-consuming task that must be performed by hand to match the original stitching. Pricing depends on size, condition, and amount of hand work needed.

Rug Restoration

The Golden Horn
Oriental Rugs
464 N Main St, Port Chester
(914) 670-6666; rugrestoration.com
For knotty problems like holes, rips, worn areas, missing fringe, even moth, water, or fire damage, count on the dream weavers at the Golden Horn Rugs to bring your well-worn rugs back to almost original condition in a way that the work is virtually undetectable. Their work is so renowned that Christie’s auction house calls the company in to evaluate rugs and estimate how much it will cost to fix before a sale. Pricing is per project with a $100 minimum. A foot-long hole in a wool rug might take a week to repair ($1,500); the same hole in a silk rug could take three months ($6,000). If a rug requires more than a month to repair, Golden Horn will ship the rug back to its team in Turkey, where the work can be done for a third what it would cost in the States. Depending on the number of orders, a shipment could go out the first part of every month.

Rug & Home Gallery
722 Commerce St, Thornwood
(914) 741-2486; rug-lady.com
Other carpet-store owners and flood-insurance restoration companies look to “the Rug Lady,” Antoinette Lombardi, and her trio of weaving wizards to painstakingly restore, repair, reweave, and clean torn, frayed, or stained hand-loomed area rugs. All work is done by hand on the premises (nothing—not even cleaning—is performed elsewhere) as many times as necessary (that is, until the customer is completely satisfied, Lombardi says) and at no additional charge.

Cornell Carpet
226 Main St, Mount Kisco
(914) 241-1227; cornellcarpet.com
Interior designers recommend Cornell Carpet to their clients looking to restore and clean machine-loomed rugs or broadloom. Typical repairs include fixing borders that have come apart or need rebinding. Owner Peter DiPaola promises service, dedication, and loyalty to each customer and project.

Silver Replating

Artcraft Silversmiths, Inc
156 Mount Vernon Ave, Mount Vernon
(914) 668-9486
If you have a treasured family heirloom made of silver, gold, brass, or copper that needs replating or restoration, head straight over to Artcraft Silversmiths, a firm that’s been performing miracles on metal since 1933. The experts there will polish up your tired and tarnished tea sets and trophies, chandeliers, and hardware fixtures (most notably, the ones throughout Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater). Restoring an 18” x 14” tray usually costs between $250 to $300, and a tea set between $800 to $1,000. Depending upon the “before” condition of an item, most work can be completed within two weeks.

Stained Glass

Rohlf’s Stained and Leaded Glass Studio
783 S Third Ave, Mount Vernon
(914) 699-4848
When the stained glass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity Church on Wall Street, and Riverside Church needed work, the folks in charge called on Rolhf’s. And repairing these works of art is no easy task. When windows get to be 75 to 100 years old, the lead deteriorates. To restore, first the stained glass is photographed, then taken apart piece by piece. It’s then pieced together again with all new lead holding it together. So, if Rohlf’s can be trusted to do such painstaking and intricate work for magnificent churches and cathedrals, imagine what the company can do for your home. The company works on residences as well as churches, and pricing depends on the intricacy of the glass and the project: the more glass, the more expensive it will be. Prices on the lower end of the scale start at around $100 per square foot; the high end could be $600 a square foot. Glass with multiple layers can run more than that.

DC Studios LLC
21 Winston Dr, Rhinebeck, NY
(914) 400-5887/(845) 876-3200
Stained-glass artist Doris Cultraro gladly does windows—and lampshades and hanging medallions and panels—and offers expert repair and restoration services for stained and leaded glass. She pays particular attention to details such as period styles and intended settings. Pricing depends on the project.


Textile Conservation Workshop
3 Main St, South Salem
(914) 763-5805
To restore the flag that cradled President Lincoln’s head after he was shot, the professional conservators at this not-for-profit workshop were called in, as they so often are, to lavish their painstaking care on textiles of artistic merit, sentimental value, and/or historic importance. They also can work wonders on christening gowns, tapestries, and needlework. The group charges $75 per hour.


Creazzi Upholstery
67 Central Ave, Ossining
(914) 923-1938
If a home-furnishings store recommends an upholsterer, then we take notice. Melita Silva of Melita’s Home Furnishings in Ossining entrusts Victor Bazan of Creazzi Upholstery in Ossining with any upholstered work. “When it comes to matching fabrics,” says Silva, “he is the best.”

Photo by John O'Donnell

This ’60s designer chair was purchased at Grand Course Antiques’ going out of business sale. Joshua Katz of Fabu Fabrics in Bedford Hills transformed it into this show-stopper.

Fabu Fabrics
355 Adams St, Bedford Hills
(914) 244-9041
With more than 20 years of experience, Joshua Katz of Fabu Fabrics has thousands of fabrics to choose from. His job as an “editor” is to find the three or four that are perfect for any given project. Prices depend on the job, but consultations, he notes, are always free.

Vacuum Repair

Suburban Vacuum Company Inc
4 W Main St, Elmsford
(914) 592-5888; suburbanvacuum.com
If your vacuum has more hairballs than your cat, it’s time for a trip to Suburban Vacuum Company, which has been selling and servicing cleaning equipment since 1964. It specializes in premium brands like Miele. Not only do the folks at Suburban Vacuum do a bang-up job of fixing vacuums, and with a great attitude, our source recommends you try the tacos right next door while you wait. Estimates are free, and pricing depends on the project.


Brewster Glass Shop Inc.
122 Old Rt 6, Carmel, NY
(845) 225-8488; brewsterglassshop.com
People who live in glass houses keep Brewster Glass on speed dial. The company replaces glass in standard windows as well as patio doors, storm windows and doors, and heavy glass tabletops and custom mirrors, and custom shower doors. Pricing depends on the project.

X-Treme Cleaning

The Butlers of Westchester and Air Quality Control Systems
1661 Front St, Ste 4, Yorktown Heights
(914) 232-5656; thebutlersairquality.com
When disaster strikes—a fire, flood, or toxic mold contamination—who you gonna call? Margaret Ann and Tom Furer, owners of this 28-year-old niche business, who restore and clean up after fire, smoke, and water damage. A division of the company, Air Quality Control Systems, handles the mold remediation as well as cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems. House estimates are free, and pricing is dependent on the project.

Yard Gear

Telesco Lawnmower Inc
848 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale
(914) 723-1767
Piles of leaves, mounds of snow, yards of grass that just keep on growing. But what to do when the mower stops mowing, the blower stops blowing? No, you don’t head over to your local hardware store for a replacement, but to Telesco (or have them pick up your ailing gear and then return it to you ready for business). Not to worry if your equipment is old—these folks can even save antiques. Pricing is dependent on the project.

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