Where to Get (Nearly) Everything Fixed

A Rescue Guide.


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Fireplaces & Chimneys

Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep
23 Roundtree Ln, Montrose (914) 736-0173
You know to steer clear of those aggressive telemarketers hawking chimney services over the phone—the ones who always seem to find serious flaws in your flues and cracks in your caps? Hang up on those guys and call Bob Pelaccio who is in his 30th year of business. Pelaccio, the Mad Hatter himself, advises his customers to schedule a service before the busy fall season when prices are lower to save them some bucks. The company cleans chimneys, fireplaces, furnaces, and wood stoves; installs chimney caps to keep out critters and the elements; de-gunks gutters and dryer vents; reworks masonry; does flashing work to stop chimneys from leaking; and repairs interior fireplaces. A typical cleaning ranges from $99 to $149 and usually takes about a half-hour; $10 to $15 less during off season. Other works vary depending on the project.

Furniture Fix-Ups

Marcello Zanferrari
Danbury, CT (203) 942-9315



Consider it a miracle. A North Salem resident eyed a friend’s 125-year-old church pew salvaged from a Brooklyn church that closed in the late ‘70s. It was exactly what he and his wife were looking for—except for the layers of dark stain and dirt along with damage from sitting in an unheated garage for nearly 30 years. Divine intervention came in the form of Marcello Zanferrari, who carefully restored the pew to reveal the rich oak grain and classically simple lines of the pew, which now graces the entryway of the couple’s home. Of course, Zanferrari doesn’t limit himself to sacred objects: he’s an equal-opportunity fixer, bringing all sorts (and all ages) of cabinets, chairs, and tables back to better-than-original conditions.

Damiano Finishes
250 North Ave, New Rochelle (914) 633-8827
Damiano is a two-man shop, in business—and busy—since 1978. And when they repair something, it never comes back, according to co-owner Robert Raab. Projects range in price from around $300 to refinish a small end table to $6,000 to $7,000 to refinish an entire dining room set.


Glassolutions Unlimited Corp
212 S William St, Newburgh, NY (845) 569-0001
These folks don’t stop with just making glass-enclosed showers, windows, and doors, but also create custom glass railings, furniture, and displays. In business for more than 40 years, Glassolutions always has an inventory of architectural metal, glass, mirrors, plastics, and hardware on hand for any kind of repairs.

Heating & Air Conditioning

365 White Plains Rd, Eastchester (914) 337-5555
Maintenance is the key to avoiding heating and cooling problems, says Ted Weinberg, owner of the 50-year-old AMHAC, which specializes in unusual, large, and complicated multi-zone systems, including 5,000-bottle wine cellars and 50,000-square-foot homes. The company’s 30 GPS-loaded trucks are stocked with parts from its 30,000-square-foot shop and hit the road at all hours, day and night. AMHAC charges $95 for a diagnostic call, and 50 to 60 percent of all problems requires only minor corrections, the company assures.

Bruni & Campisi Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Inc
300 Central Ave, White Plains (914) 946-5558
The call came in on Christmas Eve from a caretaker who said there was a problem with the heat. Talk about an understatement. “When we got to the house, everything was frozen solid, the pipes—even the water in the toilet bowls,” Mario Bruni recalls. “Turns out it was Regis Philbin’s home in Bedford. It took weeks to rebuild the plumbing. When Regis came back from his Christmas vacation, he said some real nice things about us on his show.” Most emergencies are not that drastic: pipes burst, heat or AC goes out, toilets leak, diamond rings fall down drains—it’s all in a day’s (or night’s) work as these guys are on call 24/7. And Regis is not the only celeb they service. They get lots of Yankees, Knicks, and politicians, notably our new county exec, Rob Astorino. There is a $40 service charge to come to the house, then $55 for each half-hour at the house. For larger problems, like Regis’s frozen house, clients pay a flat rate.


Katonah Shoe Maker Shop
23 Valley Rd, Katonah (914) 232-4220
One of our favorite fashionistas is also a frugalista who knows to head over to the Katonah cobbler whenever she’s in need of a fix. “Why replace when you can so easily get your favorite shoes and bags repaired,” she asks sensibly. We agree. Tucked away off the main drag, the Katonah Shoe Maker Shop has been in business 60 years, the son now carrying on the family tradition of keeping Northern Westchester clients and their Balenciagas and Blahniks in fine form. Pricing is dependent on the project.

Tony’s Shoe Repair
226 N Highland Ave, Ossining (914) 941-9548
Susan Jacobson’s freshman daughter absolutely had to have a new Tory Burch bag to tote her books around. Of course, the weight of the books broke the slim, yet stylish bag handles in a New York minute. “Tony, the shoe man, suggested we hit the Goodwill and pick up a couple of belts,” the Croton-on-Hudson resident reports, “and—voilà!—he fashioned new handles out of our two-dollar Goodwill belts, charged us only five dollars for the labor, and saved the day. The Tory Burch was as good as new—stronger and back
in action!”

Vaccaro Shoe Repair
11 Boniface Circle, Scarsdale (914) 723-1308
Since 1929, this family-run shoe repair shop has saved the snapped-off stilettos and busted boots for generations of its loyal and well-heeled customers.




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